Source for Clean Tech Fuels

Provide our team your biomass based fuel specifications and we will find your fuel which will be sourced directly from certifiable, sustainable sources.

Sourcing all categories of Biomass Fibre

true Torrefied Biomass Pellets
White Wood Pellets
Wood Chips(Fuel Grade)/(Pulp & Paper)*
Whole Log Export
RR Crossties/Cants
Rough Sawn lumber
*Heat Based Phytosanitation to EU standards available 2017


Direct Agents for Sales of Biomass based Green fuels

UFSDA is a group of seasoned business professionals made up of several disciplines all operating within Clean Tech sector and specifically focused on providing a sustainable supply chain of green renewable fuels and fibre products.  We cover the gambit from Sales, Marketing, IT, Consulting and various Engineering disciplines all with the singular purpose of providing the highest valued products and the most competitive prices.

Marketing Green Renewable Fuels

UFSDA typically acts as the singular direct agent of the product producer and in some instances are minority stakeholders in the companies we work with.  On occasion we will engage as consultant /brokers for the purpose of expediting the sales requirements of our clients. We also provide direct access to cutting edge capital equipment such as Torrefaction Systems through our associate company Aeon Energy Solutions.


Clean Tech Project Development

UFSDA’s team of seasoned professionals are available on an additional fee basis to aid you in your project development/operation  requirements. Our members are seasoned veterans in such disciplines as Finance, Sales, Marketing , Production , Chemical Engineering, Project Engineer/Project Management, Electrical Engineering Mechanical Engineering Industrial & Management Engineering  discovery, financing, licensing, permitting, design, construction management and operation. We can also offer ‘ turn key ‘ project development.

Providing Financing through private & public sources

UFSDA holds the capability to assist your project in locating and securing Capital funding, operational funding or potential bridge loans. This function is directed through our financial consulting services and there is typically a sliding finders fee associated with this service. There is a negotiated fee to be determined and assed for this service customarily in the 2 % range of the total funds secured for the project. If engaged to solicit a bridge loan or a private placement/investment on your projects behalf; be aware UFSDA is not nor do we represent USFDA or any of its current members as licensed security brokers.


Project Specific Domestic & International Consulting

USFDA  brings together a group of highly seasoned professionals well documented and accomplished in several key disciplines  from plant engineering to the necessary functional IT infrastructure formulation and implementation desired and necessary  in today's industrial environment.. Although USFDA does not offer ongoing continuing project management we can offer project oversight for a contracted period of time .  Our groups’  well document and diverse pool of experience offers your project a one stop shop to get your project a ‘ kick start ‘ and cumulating in successful completion and operation. These services are quoted separately according to our prospective customers need and request.

Call to Discuss your Fibre Needs

Provide us with your specifications and we will source your project, no matter the size or scope, we have your fibre.