Currently UFSDA holds ‘close’ arrangements with significant land holders and producers located in Maine, the Carolinas, Central Georgia, Florida, Texas, Northern California, Oregon, Washington,  Alberta & BC Canada .  We are presently expending our sources into select areas in eastern Canada where practical. From these locations we can meet your specifications with the following:


Torrefied Biomass Pellets

True Torrefied Pellets produced from Wood, PGC’s –Purpose Grown Crops and or Agricultural based materials (Ag Waste) – ( ISO 17225-8 Pending). We have the capability to ramp up to 750,000 MT from the West Coast USA starting 2017/2018 . Also we are anticipating 300,000MT availability from our partners in BC, Canada. A significant amount of this capacity is currently being negotiated for export.  Additional facilities are being planned in Maine,USA to service European Markets. Currently we anticipate supply available 2017/2018.

White Wood Pellets

Softwood, Hardwood, Blend – Standard Industrial/Commercial Pellets & Super Premium Residential Grade-  ISO 17225-2. UFSDA has  an estimated availability in 2017 of up to 250,000 metric tonnes  of high quality industrial /commercial White wood pellets from East coast and South East USA producers with an anticipated ramp up of an additional 500,000 MT plus capacity starting 2018 from West coast USA supplier .


Wood Chips(FG)

Classical Fuel Grade - East Coast /West Coast USA or Canada

Wood Chips(PP)

Pulp & Paper Grade - East Coast /West Coast USA or Canada *


Whole Logs

Whole Log Export from Canada and USA

RR Crossties/Cants

RR Ties Green /Non Treated from USA Sources


C & D

Construction and Debris materials


Limited Rough Sawn lumber


Next Steps...

Provide us with your specifications and we will source your project, no matter the size or scope, we have your fibre.