Our Approach

UFSDA, LLC is a Sourcing, Development, Sales, and Energy consulting firm. Their principal members focus is on the green renewable fuels sector centered on clean energy and green renewable fuel production derived from various Biomass feed stocks. UFSDA continually strives to develop a diverse list of customers who demonstrate a need for green fuels delivered in many of the available forms today for the green renewable energy sector. UFSDA’s core strengths lie in its only partnering directly for a select group of well established, financially strong producers who are capable of consistently delivering quality, sustainable products in large quantities. The company fulfills their role as either a direct representative of or stakeholder in many of the partners selected. Presently UFSDA is focused on, true Torrefied (Black) Fuel Pellets, White Wood Fuel Pellets ,Wood Chips-Fuel grade, Whole Logs and sourcing/supplying of forest, manufacturing or saw mill residuals used in these types of products.


Joseph Majka

Founder & President

Joe has over 40 years’ successful business experience and serves as President of UFSDA.


Pete Majka


Pete has spent near 20 years in Business Process Improvement consulting centered around leveraging technology to transform business processes.


Gary Wilson

Executive Member

Gary is an executive level management professional with over 30 years of leadership experience in the public utilities industry sector with BC Hydro

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