100% renewable biomass, all sourced directly from certifiable, sustainable sources.


Clean biomass based fuels derived from hardwood, softwood, purpose grown crops sourced to meet most specifications.


Certified sustainable forests, insure that our fibre products are as good for maintaining the integrity of the environment, as they are for your power generation.


More than Just Pellets

From whole logs to heat treated sanitized chips  and everything in between UFSDA has all your fibre needs met. We can source any feed stock based on your specifications.

true torrefied biomass fuel Pellets

High Density Torrefied Biomass provides the perfect transition path away from fossil based fuels traditionally used in coal fired plants.  Our torrefied material is of such quality it dramatically improves biomass based fuel material handling characteristics and is a seamless replacement for coal or for use in co firing in conjunction with coal. Torrefied biomass typically can provide similar energy (22 GJ/MT or better) friability, durability and grind-ability similar to coal while being a carbon neutral green fuel source.


Call to discuss your needs

Provide us with your specifications and we will source your project, no matter the size or scope, we have your fibre.